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Marianas Trekking Eco Adventures... Bike, Hike, ATV/ Buggy, Kayak, Dive and Snorkeling in Saipan.
1.Managaha, Grotto, Buggy
Three amazing tours in one!

Visit Managaha Island in the morning and then come straight to Marianas Trekking for an afternoon adventure! The Grotto is one of the best cavern dive sites in the world and we’ll jump in and show you the beautiful underwater world! Come on a custom adventure and explore trails on your very own All Terrain Vehicle.
Age:12 and above
Adult Price:$135.00
Time: Boat 8:40/9:40/10:40〜14:00 To Trekking 14:00〜
Includes: Transfer from/to Hotel, Grotto tour:Guide,Snorkel Set,Life Jacket Buggy tour:Guide,Helmet,Drinks,Bag,Shoes
2.Managaha and Off Road Buggy Adventure
Joy of the Ocean & Adventure in the Jungles

Want a mix of leisure and excitement in one day? This perfect bundle will get you to it! A perfect getaway to a tiny island of paradise where you can snorkel, lay under the sun, and enjoy the ocean breeze. After spending a relaxed day at the beach, get ready for an off road adventure on rugged terrains, hidden trails and jungles! Buckle up for one dirty ride!
Age:12 and above
Adult Price:$99.00
Time: Boat 8:40/9:40/10:40〜14:00 To Trekking 14:00〜
Includes: Transfer from/to Hotel Buggy tour:Guide,Helmet,Drinks,Bag,Shoes
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