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  • Super Saver Package!
  • Tour suspended until further notice

Forbidden Island + Grotto Snorkeling

Quick Details

Clock Times:

  • 9:30 – 17:30

Info Includes:

  • Transport to and from the hotel
  • Water bottle, energy bar
  • Trekking bag, sports sandals
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Life Jacket
  • Sightseeing to Bird Island Lookout
  • Sightseeing to Banzai Cliff

Info What to bring:

  • Towel
  • Dry clothes
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen (for Forbidden Island Trekking only)
  • Hat
  • Water/Aqua shoes
  • Hiking shoes or any comfortable shoes

Info Important Information:

To protect the corals and other marine life at the Blue Grotto, using of any type of sunscreen is prohibited.

Adult (ages 12+)
Child (ages 6-11)

Hike to Saipan’s famous Forbidden Island Sanctuary

When we started Marianas Trekking back in 2000, this was our very first adventure. Forbidden Island Sanctuary is one of those places that you have to see on Saipan; however, this trek is not for everybody. The hike in can be challenging, and we advise participants to be in good physical condition to fully enjoy this adventure. If you’re excited for a rigorous hike, join us for this thrilling adventure and experience everything this marine sanctuary has to offer.

Forbidden Island is on the east coast of Saipan, and the rugged terrain keeps most people away. Those who venture into the marine sanctuary are rewarded with stunning views, great snorkeling, hidden pools, and a cave. Come explore it with us! It’s an unforgettable experience, and it’s sure to be the highlight of your vacation.

An amazing, unforgettable underwater experience in Saipan!

Snorkeling in the Blue Grotto is a unique Saipan experience that you just can’t miss. The Blue Grotto is a cavern that is connected to the ocean by a series of tunnels. The clear blue water provides stunning visibility and is a favorite place for sea turtles to come and rest. Come join us for an absolutely unforgettable snorkeling adventure in this special cavern.

Jump in to the beautiful blue water, meet the local wildlife, swim with schools of fish, and make the best memories of your entire vacation. It’s a great experience for the whole family. This tour is subject to ocean conditions, but more often than not, we can safely snorkel here.