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Our Adventures

We offer a ton of fun and amazing tour options on Saipan. Find your perfect adventure below!

Experience the best of Saipan with our thrilling adventures! Feel the island breeze as you ride the trails on a buggy or ATV, enjoy the best ocean views on our hiking and biking adventures, or fuel your need for speed on our go-kart experiences. Join us on an adventure today and see what Saipan has to offer!

From $95

Snorkeling in the Blue Grotto is a unique Saipan experience that you just can’t miss. The Blue Grotto is a cavern that is connected to the ocean by a series of tunnels. The clear blue water provides stunning visibility and is a favorite place for sea turtles to come and rest. Come join us for an absolutely unforgettable snorkeling adventure in this special cavern.

Experience the northern shores of Saipan on this exhilarating downhill bike adventure. Hop on your bike at Suicide Cliff and ride down! Includes stops at Banzai Cliff, Last Command Post, and Jungle Trail Riding.